One of the advantages of working with BuddyOutftters is the option to have your trophy taken by the guide directly to the taxidermist. After your long hunt, the last thing you want to do is worry about where to take your trophy. We have partnered with El Venado Taxidermy to make your post-hunt experience as seamless as possible. For over fifteen years, El Venado Taxidermy has been providing quality taxidermy to the Houston area. Manuel, the owner and operator, believes in putting quality above all else. Instead of a large taxidermy shop where multiple people handle a single project, Manuel personally handles every animal from start to finish. When you communicate your needs, it's not passed from person to person until it finally reaches the taxidermist working on your project. All communications go directly to the Manuel, so miscommunication is never an issue. This also allows him to work closely with the customer to make sure that every detail is replicated of the trophy and habitat. Considering his long history of quality taxidermy, he has had the opportunity to work with nearly any animal that you could imagine. In addition, if you are wanting to plan a trip to another country, Manuel can help you get your trophies back safely. Whatever your needs are, he is equipped and eager to turn your hunt into a beautiful trophy to enjoy for years to come.